Dana provides the spark that inspires associations to move from mundane and stagnant to appealing and productive.

A CHANGE AGENT WHO Refreshes Meetings

AND Energizes Leadership

​Dana L. Saal

Certified Meeting Professional
Certified Association Executive

Associations must be vigilant about the future. Membership and meeting registrations must be earned, not assumed. Your association earns those by providing a unique value proposition. What's yours?


Dana L. Saal, CMP, CAE, has worked with associations since 1986 as a staffer, director, volunteer, coach, and consultant. She is adept at identifying challenges and discerning solutions, a skill she uses to guide associations through the steps to identify their value propositions and move them forward.


Dana has a unique approach to board of directors training and strategizing. It is fun, brief, and effective, resulting in more-engaged, excited board members who are equipped to lead the association into the future. Additionally, she redesigns association meetings and conventions that people want to attend.


Dana will help you recognize your value proposition by asking the right questions so your association can work on the right strategies. The questions dig deep and the answers may deliver a harsh reality, but they will also accurately guide your decision-making toward a promising future.