Dana Saal capably partners with associations to quickly identify challenges and design solutions that are easy to put into action.

DANA Reveals Your Challenges

AND THEN Designs Your Solutions

Dana Saal expedites the problem-solving process with her knack for uncovering overlooked details and angles.

She is a partner throughout the process, caring about the end results as much as you do.

Meeting Assessment & Redesign

Your meeting is underperforming and it's probably not because you need to change the location or reduce registration fees. 

Dana will help you identify why registrations are down and what will entice old and new registrants.


This is where Dana’s creativity is at its peak! As a change agent, she will inspire your association to shed the tried-and-true for fresh and creative. Or, mentor novice planners as they tackle their first meetings. Or, work with committees to see a project differently.

Dana will shepherd the process to fulfill your objectives for change, improvement, or a fresh start.

Speaking & Training

Dana was named one of the “Best in Class” presenters at PCMA’s 2016 Convening Leaders. She loves talking about meeting planning and association organization and is at home sharing her expertise as a speaker, trainer, and facilitator.


Dana will give an energetic presentation that is relevant, experiential, and fun. 

Board Training

Do your board members know their legal obligations to your association? Are they aware of the consequences of having conflicts of interest or not maintaining confidences? Do they know they could be held responsible for not honoring their obligations?


Dana will provide board training so your members know their responsibilities and obligations.

Strategic Planning

A board's key responsibility is to map the future, not to deal with current issues and put out fires.


Strategic planning can force them to look ahead, but it is time-consuming, boring, and frequently ineffective.

Dana has designed a Visioning Exercise that is fun and streamlined. Its design makes it easy for the participants to stay engaged and its simplicity makes it easy for them (you) to follow up.

You will leave with a clear vision of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.


Is your association doing what it says it will do? Maybe not.


The 21st century has introduced many societal, technological, and financial changes that have negatively impacted associations. Participation is declining, regardless of what you’ve tried.

Perhaps it’s time to revisit your vision and mission statements to determine if they are still viable.

Dana will start at the foundation–why you exist–and then guide you through the steps to compose vision and mission statements that your members will be excited to fulfill.