Well beyond satisfied

July 10, 2018

Our association was on the threshold of implementing new programming intended to reach a targeted group of members and teach them vital skills. However, staff was inexperienced with the process of developing the type of curriculum needed for the program. Dana was already a respected colleague, well-known for her expertise and professionalism, so when we I reached out to her for assistance with designing the class, we assumed I would be satisfied with the results. In the end, we were well beyond satisfied. Dana helped design a winning Master Class that attendees raved about and she helped staff meet their goals while alleviating a lot of stress. Dana was always accessible, always patient and attentive, and always flexible whether working with with the board planning committee and addressing another round of requests from presenters and staff.


As a result of Dana’s involvement, AIA Illinois is better poised to confidently move ahead with their second Phase 1 Master Class, as well as subsequent Phase 2 and Phase 3 programming. We are extremely grateful for Dana’s involvement and will not hesitate to reach out again in the future.


Mary Young, Program Director

AIA Illinois



Conference Redesign


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